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South Coast Foam Shapes offers a beautiful line of Foam Core Shutters. We developed this product to fill a critical need in the construction industry: Shutters with low maintenance and no long term liability issues.
South Coast Foam Shapes Advantages:
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  • Our shutters are light weight and easily installed with adhesive only.
  • No mechanical ties to penetrate the waterproofing membrane of the building and create leaks and future liability.
  • No need for the builder or developer to bituthane or waterproof the backing for the shutter. There is no backing.
  • No warping, less painting and less general 
  • Homeowners can retrofit without causing interior wall leaks. Can easily be installed by the average homeowner with a notched trowel.

Shutters Application Photos


Available Sizes:

12 x 24 16 x 36 18 x 36
12 x 36 16 x 48 18 x 48
12 x 48 16 x 60 18 x 60
12 x 60 20 x 48 24 x 48
12 x 66 20 x 60 24 x 60
NOTE: Standard depth of shutters is 2"
*Additional sizes available upon request.
Available finishes: Sand, Smooth, Wood-Grain
With a hard cement base and genuine wood grain appearance our shutters dress up any project. We also wood grain beams, corbels, arch surrounds and other architectural features. Our Wood-Graining process is authentic and undetectable. Call  951-656-3131 for quotes or use our contact form.  

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